Our Working RoadMap


Is The Process Of Breaking A Complex Topic Or Substance Into Smaller Parts In Order To Gain A Better Understanding Of It. The Main Purpose Of Analysis Is To Find Meaning So That The Derived Knowledge Can Be Used To Make Informed Decisions , And Make It Real.


Includes The Plan, The Thought Process, Action, And Implementation. Planning Gives More Power Over The Future. Planning Is Deciding In Advance What To Do, How To Do It, When To Do It, And Who Should Do It. This Bridges The Gap From Where The Organization Is To Where It Wants To Be.


Project Is An Errly Phase Of The Project Where A Project's Key Features, Structure, Criteria For Success, And Major Deliverable Are All Planned Out. The Point Is To Develop Out. The Point Is To Develop One Or More Designs Which Can Be Used To Achieve The Desired Project Goals.


Is The Process And The Facility Of Planning, Organizing, Coordinating, And Controlling The Resources To Accomplish Specific Goals. The Process Takes A Transportation Improvement From Concept Through Construction.


Phase Means A Group Of Activities Designated For Investigating And Examining Progress Of A Given Project To Provide Stakeholders With Information About Actual Levels Of Performance And Quality Of The Project Planning - The Team Makes A Plan Of Key Procedures And Steps Of Testing.


Is About Listening Actively, Taking The Time To Analyze, And Then Thinking Of The Best Possible Solution To Perform Better. It Provides Positive Criticism And Allows To See What Everyone Can Change To Improve Their Focus And Results.

Fixing Deadlock / Issues

A Deadlock Is A Situation In Which Two Computer Programs Sharing The Same Resource Are Effectively Preventing Each Other From Accessing The Resource, Resulting In Both Programs Ceasing To Function. The Earliest Computer Operating Systems Ran Only One Program At A Time. ... This Led To The Problem Of The Deadlock. A Project Issue Is A Problem That Has Been Encountered In Executing Project Activities. This Problem Impairs A Project's Ability To Successfully complete. A Project Issue Is Almost Always One Of These: A Difficulty In Completing A Work Item/Task That Is Already On The Project's Plan.


Every Project Needs To End And That's What Project Completion Is All About In The Last Phase Of The Project Life Cycle. ... The Key Activities In Project Completion Are Gathering Project Records; Disseminating Information To Formalize Acceptance Of The Product, Service, Or Project; And Performing Project Closure.


Deploying Your Application Means Putting It On A Web Server So That It Can Be Used Either Through The Internet Or An Intranet.


Means A Project That Keeps A Facility Or Asset In Efficient Operating Condition, Preserves The Condition Of The Property, Or Restores Property To A Sound State After Prolonged Use.